Privacy Policy

It is very important for Starpolygon games to respect the privacy of our users. 

Starpolygon games do not collect or track any personal information from your device nor do track any statistics on its own, but do use third party advertising services listed below that have their own privacy policies. From what we have learned by reviewing these third party services policies, these services are only tracking personal information according to active privacy law´s and regulations.  


Third-party advertising services 

Advertising is used in our games to fund our Services and to make our games available for free. We use third-party advertising in our Games. The third-party services have their own privacy policies which is linked below. You can review the third party services data processing practicies and technologies they use for the purposes of interest-based advertising. They may be serving you ads based of your Advertising ID which means Apple Identifier for Advertisers (“IDFA”) on Apple devices and Google Advertising Identity (“GAID”) for android. 

IDFA and GAID are unique identifiers for mobile devices that advertisers use for interest-based ads. You may want to withdraw your consent to sharing personal information for the purposes of interest-based advertising at all times. It is possible to turn this off by changing the privacy settings on your device. 


Advertising platforms we use

Unity Ads:


Game engine

Games are made with Game Maker Studio 2 by YoYo Games Limited. We use this game engine to export our games to different platforms such as iOS and Android.

You can review their own privacy policy:


The information in the Policy could be subject to frequent updates, depending on new games we release or other law changes.



If you have questions or concerns about this Privacy Policy, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.