Disc Pop - Working on a new updates, and more!

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I´m still working on updates on Disc Pop, i love all the feedback i´ve been getting. Thank you all players and please continue to give me this awesome feedback so i can improve the game! :)


My action puzzler Disc Pop was featured on a few places lately, here are some of them. 

- "New Games We Love" on the App Store. 

- Awesome yt-channel TapGameplay 

- Andrew Frost´s yt-channel 


And i got a new review here on Daikon Media: http://daikonmedia.com/disc-pop-review/

I´ve got some nice feedback from this review and i think i might make a few changes so that the game flow is less interrupted. Thanks for the feedback and that you enjoyed game!

Daikon Media have a cool word-grabbing-tool here, check it out here: https://www.word-grabber.com/ 



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